Thursday, November 13, 2008

Steps to Quit Smoking

To quit smoking is something not everybody can do with lot of success in the first try. But if you see and understand the benefits, you can simplify this seemingly overwhelming task. Just make a list of negative attributes related to smoking that you really dislike and keep that list handy so that you will be continually reminded of it. You can make use of Nicotine replacement therapy or other stop-smoking aids to deal with the various withdrawal symptoms that curse smokers in first few crucial and most difficult days of all. Other important methods that can assist you to ease the pain during these hard times are:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

There are over 100 sleep disorders that have been identified and insomnia is definitely one of the most common problems.
Episodes of insomnia can be short- or long-term (chronic) and involve difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep as well as awakening very early. Some reasons for suffering with insomnia include: anxiety, stress, depression, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and medications, illness, napping during the day, and surrounding influences (too much noise or light).
Some disorders of insomnia are: