Sunday, April 27, 2014

Drink Green Tea To Prevent Cancer

By Chuck Bluestein
A medical doctor, David Servan-Schreiber MD, PhD, got cancer. He got other doctors to cure it. Then it came back again which happens many times with cancer. Also many times it comes back with more intensity. So this doctor decided that he would learn everything that he could about a lifestyle that prevents and fights cancer.
So he did this and got rid of his cancer again. Then he waited 25 years to make sure that it did not come back. Then he knew that he had the way to fight and prevent cancer. So he wrote the book, Anticancer: A New Way of Life. The book has a section about foods to...

Friday, April 25, 2014

How to Cut Calories and Lose Weight Efficiently?

Author: Davis Walker
There are two very basic theories behind losing weight. The first method is to increase your exercise levels and second is to cut down the calorie intake to lose weight. This article deals in some details with the second method. Cutting calories to lose weight is easier than you might think. Just take a minute or two to read these simple tips to reduce your caloric intake and tone down your body.

1) Drink lots of water
You should make water your drink of choice. Your body comprises of 70% water. It functions best when it is adequately hydrated. Also, water has zero calories. Studies have...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Plastic Surgery and Exercise

By Shaw Walker
People who have weight problems sometimes need to look towards plastic surgery for an answer. This is not because plastic surgery makes people lose weight. It is because the body might need some changes once the weight has gone.
People who have drastic weight loss will need surgery to cut away excess skin. When this happens it is because they have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, so the skin hasn't had time to tone back. Therefore, there is a lot of skin left over that used to be needed to cover the whole body.
In some countries, the surgery that is needed is not available on any...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Loneliness and Depression

By Carole Zirlin
A man once came to see me. He was very depressed indeed. He then told me his story. He had suddenly been made redundant from a very good and well paid job in a famous publishing house he'd been working in for many years. At the same time his relationship was not functioning well. Between him and his partner they had four small children. They weren't married but lived in a beautiful country house he had bought from the earnings in his job. His partner didn't work, so he was sole earner. One day she had enough of him and ended their twelve year relationship and told him to leave his house. According to the law he had to as she had the children and they had to have a roof over their heads. She threw him out. He now had no job, no home and had been forced to move into the cheapest accommodation he could find. It was a bedroom in a house. From a four bed country home, family and

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Child Has Celiac Disease - Now What?

My Child Has Celiac Disease - Now What?
By Christy Mossburg
Celiac disease is an overwhelming diagnosis to receive because it severely limits food choices. Gluten seems to be hidden in just about every boxed and packaged good in the store. Fortunately, more manufacturers are jumping on board to satisfy the need for gluten-free foods.
Where to start?
Take a look in your pantry. Any food that is made with white or wheat flour must be eliminated from his or her diet. This includes, but is not limited to, bread, pasta, cake, cookies, and