Monday, January 7, 2013

Secrets to Surviving a Violent Attack

By Jeremy Haas
To understand self defense you need to understand what motivates people when it comes down to fighting for their life? Could it be love, fear, maybe just wanting to live? All of these answers sound plausible. Maybe it's a mix of all of them?
In order to find out what the true answer is, we need to take a look at the situation from a killer's point of view. When someone is trying to take your life, they aren't thinking about fear, or the people they love. They only have one thing in mind: To kill you.
Everything he
does is going to be focused on this one goal. Doing the most harm as fast as possible is all he is thinking about. All his motivation will be derived from this one idea. To stand a chance of surviving, you have to think this way too. People like to believe that things like love and fear are what motivates them in these situations. These kinds of thoughts only come to you after you have survived the encounter, and are no longer in danger.
That brings us to the true motivation of a life and death encounter. To do as much damage as possible. This is what is behind effective self defense and the ability to defend yourself. Unless you can get your mind right you do not stand a chance to survive a violent attack
Let's take a look at some examples. Someone encounters an attacker armed with a knife. The person who has to deal with this attack will be motivated at first by their fear of getting stabbed and killed, seeing their loved ones, and their will to live.
They are likely to hesitate at this point, as they realize all that this encounter could bring. By focusing on all the things that could go wrong, you give them a greater chance of happening. Both people are visualizing the same final result! The mugged, worrying about being stabbed, and the attacker thinking about doing the stabbing!
The knife becomes the focus, taking your attention away from the attacker. Going for the knife seems like the only option. If you aren't able to control the knife arm of the attacker though, there's a high probability of being stabbed severely.
Let's take a look at things from a different perspective. The same attacker is threatening another person. This person has a different motivation though, the only thing on their mind is to do as much damage as possible to their attacker.
Instead of worrying, their first thought is to hit the attacker as hard as possible in the throat. The criminal isn't much of a threat with a smashed in throat. You no longer have to worry about your family, you are the one going home that night, and the way you did it is by using the same motivation your attacker had. To take out your opponent as violently and swiftly as possible.
All this stuff might sound a little extreme, but sometimes reality is extreme. There is no point in toning down the truth, effective self defense relies on having the right mind set. If your motivation is anything other than hurting your opponent as badly as possible, you are in trouble.
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