Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dark Under Eye Circles and Bags Can Be Beaten

Dark under eye circles and bags can be beaten if one understands what they are, what causes them and what can be done about them. Unfortunately, most people allow them free reign and do nothing other than try to cover them up. Luckily, there are many ways to fight dark under eye circles and the puffiness. The unfortunate thing about dark under eye circles and bags cause people to look older than they actually are.

What are under eye circles and bags, exactly? The actual term for dark under eye circles is oxidizing hemoglobin. The oxidizing hemoglobin begins with the capillaries. The capillaries are the vessels which hold blood that is oxygenated; they are so tiny in fact, that the hemoglobin must line up to pass through. The capillaries around the eyes lie very close to the surface. Often these cells leave their fixed path and end up in the skin where the enzymes shatter them, as well as the hemoglobin. When this occurs, the dark under eye circles result.

Does my lifestyle play a role in dark under eye circles and eye bags?

Possibly. Increasing the number of hours you can help a little. Exercise, drinking plenty of water, and cutting down on the salt intake can help with the eye bags.

Do home remedies exist?


You can try cucumber. It may help lighten the shade, although, there won't be a huge improvement.

Another home remedy is tea. Of all the teas, chamomile tea is the most recommended due to its anti-inflammatory nature. Not only can it reduce the inflammation, but it is a known antioxidant that can do wonders for the skin.

Sleep on more of an incline by adding an extra pillow, which will help with some drainage. This can reduce the amount of swelling under the eyes.

Chronic medical conditions, such as sinuses can also cause eye bags. Allergies can also contribute to eye bags. Constant inflating and deflating will worsen the condition so you should see your physician to treat that problem first.

There are many solutions to dark under eye circles and bags that so many people suffer from...some invasive and others, completely non-invasive. The choice is entirely up to each individual.

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