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Anti-Aging Menopause, Low Estrogen Levels and the Symptoms

Anti-Aging Menopause, Low Estrogen Levels and the Symptoms
By Victoria Stewart

One of the main indications of low estrogen levels is the onset of hot flashes that women suffer from, once menstruation slows or stops altogether. The estrogen is used in women's bodies to help the fertilized egg moved from the ovaries to the uterus.

Skin becomes affected by menopause. The low levels cause dryness of skin and women going through this change of life may develop acne. Estrogen replacement therapy can often cure the dryness. Some research has shown that red Clover isoflavones found in some supplements can keep the skin supple.

Osteoporosis is directly caused by low estrogen levels. The reason for this is that when the estrogen development slows, it is more difficult for the body to absorb vitamin D and calcium. With that said, it is important for women to supplement their diets with these vitamins from an early age, i.e. prior to menopause and especially after the onset of menopause.

Low estrogen is also responsible for vaginal dryness. This often leads to decreased sexual desire, which can bring on its own set of problems.

Mentally, women suffer most in this way during the change of life with problems such as extreme mood swings and depression, to name but a couple.

Be it hot flashes or depression or any other symptoms that is related to low estrogen levels and menopause, all of them can be treated somehow with natural supplements. Therefore, it is not necessary to take medications that could result in side effects. Consult your physician prior to taking any of these.

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