Monday, August 31, 2009

Can Aerobic Exercise Fight Aging?

Can Aerobic Exercise Fight Aging?
By Victoria Stewart

One of the most important things in fighting aging is helping your blood circulate more easily and provide oxygen to the various organs. Can aerobic exercise fight aging? Absolutely! Any kind of exercise can really increase the oxygen levels, as well as your heart rate level. With aerobic exercise, the implication is that when we exercise, we are briefing in as deeply as possible to work or respiratory system as well.

The more stimulated the organs become with the extra oxygen they are receiving, the better they function. Aerobic exercises tend to use the bigger muscles, especially in the arms and legs. The benefits of aerobic exercises is that the entire body benefits, where as anaerobic exercises are only targeting certain muscle groups.

Aerobics, almost always begin with a warm-up, which is very easy to follow as it is very slow paced. This takes anywhere from three to five minutes. Following the warm-up, is the actual work out, which can be quite trying for some. This portion of the workout is about 20 minutes for beginners and up to an hour for the more advanced.

Once that is completed, the cooling down period begins. It can be much the same as the warming up. The concept behind the warm-up and the cool down is to properly accelerate and decelerate the heart rate. It is very important for the heart and the muscles.

Using aerobiC exercises to fight premature aging is something that comes with commitment. A minimum of three aerobic sessions per week is necessary. Physical fitness is key in antiaging.

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