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Drink Green Tea To Prevent Cancer

By Chuck Bluestein
A medical doctor, David Servan-Schreiber MD, PhD, got cancer. He got other doctors to cure it. Then it came back again which happens many times with cancer. Also many times it comes back with more intensity. So this doctor decided that he would learn everything that he could about a lifestyle that prevents and fights cancer.
So he did this and got rid of his cancer again. Then he waited 25 years to make sure that it did not come back. Then he knew that he had the way to fight and prevent cancer. So he wrote the book, Anticancer: A New Way of Life. The book has a section about foods to...
eat to prevent cancer. The first food that he mentions is green tea. After that he mentions the spice turmeric and then mushrooms. This first section is called "Green Tea Blocks Tissue Invasion and angiogenesis."
Angiogenesis is when the cancerous cells create new blood vessels to feed the cancer. It also explains how this is a detoxifier for the body. The more of it that you drink, the more you lower your chances of getting cancer. Green tea is the most consumed herb or botanical in the world.
There is a theory about acid foods and alkaline foods. This theory says that the more acid foods that you eat, the more you increase your chances of getting cancer, heart attacks, strokes and other serious health problems. The original chart of alkaline and acid foods shows that green tea is the most alkaline foods that exists. Lots of modern studies show that cancer is great at preventing many health problems and improving general health.
I am surprised that everyone does not drink this beverage for health. Since it is 98% water, it has plenty of water in it for your body. It has many substances in it that are great for health. The EGCG in it has many health benefits and just one of them is to help you lose excess weight. Losing excess weight lowers your chances of getting cancer, especially breast cancer.
Also there is a rare amino acid in it called theanine. This substance relaxes you and has an opposite effect than the caffeine in tea that tends to excite people. Studies show that drinking tea helps you to live longer and have better brain health as you age. Don't sweeten it with something unhealthy like sugar. Sweeten it with something healthy like the herb stevia that has been becoming more and more popular.
For a better tasting version of green tea, they have jasmin green tea. This is where they have jasmin blossoms (flowers) added to the green tea. These blossoms also have health benefits like helping to lower high blood pressure.
The most popular tea in South America is yerba mate tea. This tea is similar to green tea and also has caffeine in it. It does not have as many studies on it as green tea but it appears that it is just as good as green tea for health and well being.
Now do not ask me which of these teas is healthier. I drink both of them mixed together so I get the health benefits of both teas. I like the taste of yerba mate tea more than green tea but I have heard some say that yerba mate is bitter. But coffee is bitter and people love coffee. Also I make sure to buy the organically grown versions of these teas. I do not need the pesticides and fungicides in the conventional ones.
Here is an article that tells about the many different health benefits of drinking green tea. It also has a link to the original chart of acid and alkaline foods. See 17 Health Benefits of Green Tea. Also this webpage lists a lot of information from the book, Anticancer, with even more information like the latest on how vitamin D prevents cancer with many quotes from different websites. See Cancer Prevention.
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