Thursday, April 17, 2014

Plastic Surgery and Exercise

By Shaw Walker
People who have weight problems sometimes need to look towards plastic surgery for an answer. This is not because plastic surgery makes people lose weight. It is because the body might need some changes once the weight has gone.
People who have drastic weight loss will need surgery to cut away excess skin. When this happens it is because they have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, so the skin hasn't had time to tone back. Therefore, there is a lot of skin left over that used to be needed to cover the whole body.
In some countries, the surgery that is needed is not available on any...
health plan or government national health plan, so more and more people are looking abroad for the surgery options.
Some countries will have the surgery available on their private plans, but it will be very expensive and people won't be able to afford it. That is why they are looking into medical tourism as an answer.
Why did they lose weight?
If people don't lose weight for health reasons, then they probably want to lose weight for health reasons. If they had lost the weight over a long period time, then the skin would have toned and there would be no skin hanging from the body.
However, if people are losing weight because they want to feel better on the inside, then they will have probably been in a rush and they will have hanging skin.
It is such a shame for them to go through that massive change with all the hard work only for them to still feel bad about themselves because they hate the look of the hanging skin.
If they had been told to lose weight for their health, then they could argue that the health service told them to and therefore they should pay to help them look better, because if not, then they will start eating unhealthily again just to fill in the space in the skin.
If you know a person who has lost weight and has suffered with the hanging skin, then they would tell you that they preferred their look when they were overweight, to their look with the excess skin.
Medical Tourism
So, more people are turning to medical tourism because they can afford the price of the surgery in other countries. They can afford a flight, a hotel and the price of the surgery because even when the costs are added together, it is still cheaper at home.
When some people hear about medical tourism as an option, they think that it is dodgy, against the law and the hospitals are unsanitary. However, this is a common misconception.
Medical Tourism is not against the law because you will be having the surgery in a hospital, performed by qualified surgeons. Furthermore, you will be in a clean hospital, which handles cosmetic surgery. A lot of the hospitals are cleaner than many NHS hospitals that are regulated by government.
This is mainly because they are private hospitals so they spend their money on top of the range facilities and only hire the best surgeons.
A lot of people will actually chose medical tourism even if they can afford the surgery at home because they know that they will get a better level of service and their surgery will be performed by better surgeons.
If you know someone who is having plastic surgery abroad, make sure they know that they might no be able to return home until they have healed.
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